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Dec 27, 2023

This week is our Season Finale!!! Will we Defeat the BBG or will it be a TPK?!? Stay tuned for Our Next Season Coming Soon

Dec 20, 2023

Hey guys this week we talk about The Bussi Special Recording and The gang faces the BBG in this Part 1 of our season finale. 

we are Aware the Audio is not the best in this andprevious episodes. Next season we will Not be relying on Zoom to Capture audio. 

Btw Bryan Is not missing. He is only in your left Earbud....

Dec 5, 2023

Hey all, Ben had to Download the audio of this episode off youtube because his internet crapped the bed while he was Boinking his wife. Basically This week The gang stumbles across a group actively robbing a sacred Vault, a battle insues which ends in a clifhanger that next episode.... (spoiler Alert) .... is...

Nov 28, 2023

This week we deal with the Aftermath of Killing the Deep Dwarves